Waynesville Dog Park!

The Waynesville Dog Park Advocates express their appreciation to the Warren County Park Board for the renovation of the large dog field. It has been a lovely year for growing of the new grass seed at the dog park. The large dog Park field is in the best shape that it has ever been. If all goes well the small dog park will be reworked also.



Vet's Corner




. Please be very careful about mixing large dogs and small dogs! Brick pavers, as seen in the paddock area, can still be purchased to recognize your contribution or even to honor or memorialize your pet(s). This fundraiser involves $50 for the small paver and $250 for the large one. In addition, we are eager to accept donations. We encourage you to contact our website at Waynesdogpark@aol.com . Remembered donation to The Waynesville Dog Park Advocates are tax-deductible since we are a 501- 3C organization.

Please send your donations to, Waynesville area Friends of the Parks Att: Donald"Gus"Edwards 5194 Lytle Road Waynesville OH. 45068. Please write Dog Park in the bottom memo.

Enjoy the park with your dog(s). Please read and follow the posted rules. Continue to use the poop bag's to clean up after your dog. Also don't let them chew on the young trees that have been planted inside the park. We encourage you to move the picnic tables around the park if you notice of grasses getting worn and torn or if the area around the picnic table is muddy.



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